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Our method

We offer the most gentle technique available today

With our Microchet™ Hair Extensions you can add more length and volume without the discomfort of weaves and big glues.
It's gentle, light and ultra thin. You can even add hair to the sensitive top area.

Strand by strand technique
The strands are fully prepared and ready to use.

- One strand is placed on a crochet hook (an experienced
   technician can place more strands, this works faster)
- The client's hair is sectioned
- One strand of Microchet hair is attached to one strand of the
   client's hair using a special thread technique.

After two to three months the extension will become more loose because the client's hair grows. The extension hair can be removed by simply cutting the thread. Usually about 40% of the Microchet hair can be reused after removing.

There is no heat or harsh chemicals involved in this technique. There is no pulling or stress to your own hair. It is the most gentle technique available today.

Now available in the United States
The inventor and manufacturer of the Microchet™ Hair Extension
Mr. Charles Oh introduced his system to the American market in 2005 in California.
Stylists from all over the United States are interested in learning this superior hair extension method, so next to California other states soon followed.

Please contact Charles Oh for more information.
Phone: 818-519-0453
Email: MicrochetExtension@yahoo.com

3540 Wilshire Blvd. Suite #324, Los Angeles, CA 90010
Phone: 818-519-0453 or 213-599-7061 Fax: 213-383-5056
Email: MicrochetExtension@yahoo.com
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